Hi I'm Michelle, a Dutch freelance illustrator!

I create cheerful and witty illustrations about the daily life.
In a picture perfect world, I feel the need to be honest about all sides of life. Especially the less picture perfect things.
By doing this in a playful way I want to give people the opportunity to nuance their feelings and situation and have a laugh about it.
I believe it's important to acknowledge your feelings, but also do something about it instead of dwelling on it.  


To get in contact with me for collaborations, sales or just to say hi, you can mail me at:




List of clients

Uitgeverij Loopvis, Stichting Lezen, Popshot Magazine,

Volkskrant Magazine, Cultuurfonds Almere, The Crazy Smile, Post Snail Press


Featured articles

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ArtEZ - Published Graduation Project in Dutch Design Yearbook (NL)

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